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Climb a Jensen


Posted on 2013.10.25 at 01:40
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In order to celebrate the date of your birth and your recently acquired driver's license, I present to you this little gem I found on the internetz:

 photo 133826787846683_zps5e4128c6.png



My furry family

Posted on 2013.10.22 at 00:31
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I was finally able to take a half decent pic of all my boys! <3
 photo 2013-10-15-3559_zps8eb102db.jpg

Steve Danno Love

Teaching can be quite awesome :D

Posted on 2013.09.19 at 21:53
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So, in case someone doesn't know, I work as an English teacher. But that's more than enough of a back story, right? :D

I was teaching the first graders. No one seemed to know what "a ring" was in English. Then one boy raised his hand and looked very excited. When I gave him his turn to speak he almost shouted all triumphant "Finger ring!" NAturally, I managed to hear "fingering" and couldn't stop the surprised laugh that erupted. I tried to compose myself since I had to face 15 very curious looking kids without making it worse. Luckily, I didn't have to explain why I found simple "finger ring" so amusing :D

Yes. Teachers are pervs.


My new puppy Gatsby

Posted on 2013.08.26 at 18:15
Current Mood: tiredtired
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 photo IMG_0118_zps0019ddca.jpg

More cuteness this way comes!Collapse )

Alex O

An update where I whine (no surprises here then)

Posted on 2013.02.16 at 19:51
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Bruno Mars - The Other Side Ft. C-Lo Green And B.o.B
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I have been feeling really weird this whole week. I've been looking for a job and I actually applied for eight jobs in two days. And the scary part is that two of those would be perfect for me. Plus I really want one of those jobs, unlike most of the positions I applied for that would be ok, but nothing special. One of them is for an international school where English is the only teaching language and the other has a special English-only class. Plus the latter would allow me to teach English literature as well and I'd love that. But I have no idea what my actual chances are... They might already have someone picked or there could be people more experienced and better qualified than me. I have just been feeling so anxious ever since I applied because I really want a cool job but then again, I'm afraid they might not even consider me. So much is riding on my getting a more permanent job. I have to move out of this flat by the end of July and if I don't know where I'm going to be working, then I don't know where to move. Plus I've been planning on getting a puppy this summer and then raising him to be a search and rescue dog, but if I don't have a place to live, I can't bloody well get a puppy either. I hate this uncertainty and I have no idea what to do about it. I have too much going inside my head and it feels like this:

 photo mc-random-185_zps3a1465e9.jpg

I just want to start making plans for more than a year.

Alex O

It'll all be over soon

Posted on 2012.01.31 at 18:04
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20000 words and 60 pages! Oh yeah, biatches!!!

Alex O

It's that time of the year again

Posted on 2011.12.31 at 18:29
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I want to wish everybody a


I hope everyone's doing better than this guy:



I have always known cats to be spawns of Satan

Posted on 2011.11.16 at 00:42
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
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And now I have proof!


Scary cat is scary.

Went shirt

Can anybody find me somebody to... help me?

Posted on 2011.05.01 at 10:00
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: Queen - Somebody to Love
Does anyone know anything about computer monitors? I'm getting a new one and I'm completely at a loss. I don't understand what sets different monitors apart from each other, other than the size and the price of course. Help me! Otherwise I'll just go to the store and buy the shiniest one.

Janto kiss

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted on 2011.02.14 at 13:05
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Mumford and Sons - Awake My Soul
It has come to my attention that today is in fact Valentine's Day. So, I hope everyone is having a nice one! ♥


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