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Can anybody find me somebody to... help me?

Posted on 2011.05.01 at 10:00
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Does anyone know anything about computer monitors? I'm getting a new one and I'm completely at a loss. I don't understand what sets different monitors apart from each other, other than the size and the price of course. Help me! Otherwise I'll just go to the store and buy the shiniest one.


There's a scientific explanation for that
hugemind at 2011-05-01 09:40 (UTC) (Link)
Well, to me the physical size and price excluded, the first thing is that you should probably think is what kind of connectors the new monitor should have. Take a look at your current computer(s) to see what kind of a connector it uses (VGA, DVI...) and think if an HDMI or some other connector could be useful now/in the near future/with other digital gizmos you have (like possibly a camera).

If you don't always view the screen head-on (or if there's more than one person looking at it at the same time), checking the viewing angles and the way the screen can be turned is good.

Monitors have typically a native resolution on which the picture looks the best, so check that the one it offers works for you (the higher the resolution, the smaller a single pixel and hence the text on the screen will be). Also, you might want one that can handle HD.

The contrasts the manufacturers state, like 5000:1 are usually exaggerated a little (especially the higher they get), but basically the bigger the ratio is the better the contrast should be (meaning the blacker the screen's black is). Some of the monitors are LED monitors which should offer even better contrast and save electricity but they are possibly a bit more expensive.

That's what first comes to mind. Then there are all kinds of other stuff and extras that monitors may have like head-phone jacks and USB ports and even digital tv receivers (though as an aside, I read on the news just recently that if you have the latter, it's like having a tv and it means that you should pay the tv permission or whatever it is called in English).
pureanimal at 2011-05-01 17:49 (UTC) (Link)
Oh wow thank you! That helped quite a bit! I've noticed that the monitors at Uni don't really show black as black and it bothers me. So that's one thing I know to look for but had no idea what causes that. And a friend of mine said something about that HDMI thing that ensures a better picture, so I have to look into that a bit. I read some posts about LED and people were both saying that it's expensive and that there is this OLED coming up which is even better (and probably more expensive too...) But since they do consume less electricity they kinda interest me since I would like to be green.

And yeah, if you have that tv thing you should pay that stupid tv permit. But they can't really check it in any way so it's safer" than owning an actual tv.

Anygays! Thanks a lot for your help! I feel a bit wiser now :)
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